Here are some of my recorded songs that I have managed to digitise and load here. (even if only 4-track home demos).
Due to space considerations I obviously won't have 'complete' songs featured but 'parts'... (i.e. choruses, middle, and/or Guitar breaks.)... but I'm sure that when I do get my 'parts' hanging about on this virtual space you will be able to play with them whenever you like (Mmmmm......... Nice...!)

So, all you 'muzo' cats, and 'vocal' cats, and all you 'poet'-type cats, you could do worse than consider some of this original stuff.
As a great authority myself, I must say that most of these little 'ditties' could become 'Top Ten' positions , with the right voice(s) and the right production....
wouldn't it be great if we could squeeze out a nice little 'number one' between us ? ...
and not only that . . but . . 'number two's ' are not to be sniffed at either.

Selected songs may take a while to load, (1Mb is approx 1 - 2 minutes with a 56k modem).
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How Can I ? [get your love back]
(Heavy Pop/Rock) - Brand new recording - Out of chronological order.. [Cubase 20 track-July 2004 Re-Make]
This new-er, fresh-er, full-er, version is Sooo new....  I still Blush when you look at it!(Two (2) Sections here) This was the first use of Digital recording on my sexy powermac.But this bigger version is by use of Cubase on the new Dell PC
The singer is my youngest daughter : Amanda (The backing Vocals are by Sheila and Amanda).
(1) How Can I ? - The Chorus:
download   play    0.613Mb

(2) How Can I? - The Middle eight & Guitar solo:
download   play    1.09Mb

"One Song Inside"
To Save time on huge file loads: It has so much to offer I've split the basic sections here - Choose :

"One Song Inside- the Intro"  (Those strings ??)

download   play    0.96Mb

And / Or :-

"One Song Inside - (A Verse)"    (Who the hell is that?)

download   play    0.67Mb  

Oh Jimi (A 2003 *Re-Production* A good start to the year?)
(my tribute to The Guitar God! - Jimi Hendrix)
".. you're new world's, a better place by far, making divine sounds, on your celestial guitar".
(The very Digital recording beset by unexplained 'wipe-outs' and strange voices/messages)
Was it God Or Jimi ? ...... (?)

download   play    1.00 Mb

"Hey Jimi"  (Another 2003 Production - Is this going to be a great year or what?)
A ('nother?) Tribute to ["He who is so massive"] the Axe God/Man, Jimi Hendrix. Just like my mum used to say: "You can't have too many tributes for someone with such a gift!". Based on his first big hit, a couple of slices of this demo to choose :

"HEY JIMI" - the Intro "  (Sexy or hot! or what?)

download   play    0.96Mb

And / Or :-

"HEY JIMI" - (Guitar Solo)"    (That's my Strat that is!)

download   play    0.86Mb  

Ten More Minutes
The Original was very much influenced by the Tubes, designed as heavy funk, now 'popularised' by the production team at "Q Studios" in Queeniborough. (24 track) and: Sung by a Singer : Sheila!

download   play    1.06Mb

(Heavy Pop/Rock)
(Verse, middle & Chorus) Overall inspiration from 'The Stepford wives' - musical inspiration from 'The Tubes'.

download   play    1.06Mb

If I have you.
Sheila sings beautifully this ballad in every sense of the word. Accompanied by various instruments playing notes (adding to its uniqueness).

download   play    0.96Mb

Girl (I Love You)

(Intro & Intro) This features Sheila avec moi, - harmless .. you can't get arrested for this. (At last it's here!)

download   play    1.06Mb

Let the clouds burst into rain
(Heavy Rock)
Inspired by a rather 'naughty' novel about chinese concubines, this phrase was used to describe the intense feelings of passion at .... Oooh .. Err!  I don't think I can write this ??
Featuring Sheila and 'John' (the garage owner???).

download   play    0.86Mb

That's Alright
(Guitar Solo and Chorus)  The song was written 'years-ago' I had to wait to meet, wine & dine and marry Sheila before I could hear it sung properly (justice at last).

download   play    1.06Mb

Forgive me
(Heavy /Pop / Rock)
(Intro & 1 Verse) Inspiration provided by  the late, great and very sadly-missed George Harrison. Featuring our little rock-band : Apple Scruffs in an 8 track Studio.

download   play    0.96Mb

So what?
(Pop Music?)
Feat. Sheila, what was a heavy guitar song, now 'pops' along quite brightly and cheerfully. "You can't get arrested for this!" - Big Boris.

download   play    1.06Mb

Good Times Boy (*2002*)
(Verse & Chorus) Feat. KIRSTY ! This is the Newly produced (2002) Digital version - It's Cleaner, fresher and removes all those embarassing stains !

download   play    0.68Mb

Feat. Primates. I think these boy-rapper bands are definitely changing into Primates (it says here). Or: "How to eat, sing and make love without the use of your fingers".

download   play    0.77Mb

Nostalgia (ain't what it used to be) (Cynic Rock Demo 2002)
"Many a word - Spoken in jest !" eh? . Imagine, if the Blockheads played this ? - Yep! I wouldn't have to !

download   play    0.52Mb

SAVE ME ! (Cynic Rock Demo 2002)
What sort of life is that ? eh?. Imagine, if the Blockheads played this ? - Yep! I wouldn't have to !

download   play    0.78Mb

Sign Of The Times! (Cynic Rock Demo 2002)
Yet another 'Angry' song eh?. JustImagine, if the Blockheads played this ? - Yep! I wouldn't have to !

download   play    0.92Mb

"So Lonely" (Big Blues/pop Demo 2003)
As this is probably the best Blues Song, with the best Rhythmn track, the best melody, the best words, and the lousiest singing (Phew Strewth!); And the sexiest Guitar work by a deaf geezer, I've split the basic sections here - Choose :

"So Lonely - the Guitar Intro + Verse !"  (Sexy or what! What?)

download   play    1.4Mb

And / Or :-

"So Lonely - (Guitar Solo)"    (That's my Strat that is!)

download   play    0.96Mb  

I'd Go (Effin') Mad ! (A 2003 Demo')
Emotive/Big/Huge/A Big Jobby?

Again the tragically-missed; John W. Lennon IS STILL such an inspiration. (God! how I wish I had his voice, and a part of his Talent!) This is quite possibly : Young Tel's Biggest ever production to date! - Yep I've been practising 'making-it-big' in my Studio/Office for endless hours, and I think I got it pretty big here! - Pedantics may like to note that the Effin' word in the title is not Audible within the chorus, this is because the Effin' word is 'Felt' Or 'Implicit' to underlining the sincerity of the Song.

Gtr/Bridge and Chorus - (A Sexy 2003 production)
download   play    0.797Mb

I Might As Well Be Deaf! (A 2003 Demo')
Moody/Gothic/Huge/A first 16 track Jobby?

Possibly, not an overwhelmingly cheerful sort of sing-a-long ?

Imagine - a Possibility of a Ballad from a collaboration between: The Pink Floyd and David Bowie

(A) The Intro
(A pretty-ish Overture?) - (A 2003 16 trk Pee Cee production)

download   play    1.05Mb

(B) A Verse & Chorus
(Basically - the song - excuse the 'Artiste' [he is a demo]

download   play    1.12Mb

I Don't Understand! (A 2003 28 trk Pee Cee production Demo)
Dedicated to Cheesemakers (or I Suppose, "..any producer of dairy goods" ?)

Inspired by all the injustices and pain of: "Life".
Again another song which I feel should be in the style of the brilliant John W.Lennon and... Just what kind of 'choice', is 'Freedom of Choice' anyway ?

(0) The Song (Een beetje) :-

download   play    0.596Mb

(A 2004 26 trk Pee Cee Dem'o)
Again, heap the tributes on this wonderful chap, John W. Lennon with loads of reference points. Naturally it becomes also a song for peace, as this man who stood for and was the 'Pop' poet and voice of peace, died through an act of bloody violence/Madness to no purpose.

Rest in peace John.
(*As usual: Apologies for the voice.)
And after all those campaigns, and having such a following, this world keeps degenerating with wars, death and violence such awfully common occurences.
(0) The Song (Verse & middle) :-

download   play    1.26Mb

(A 2004 Pee Cee Dem'o)
Again, I think this exhibits that I may be influenced by that wonderful chap, John W. Lennon . It's reflective, it's sitting on a beach, tranquil, standing away from everyday life. (which is where I wanna be.)

(*As usual: Apologies for the voice.)
Global Madness? the world is Crazy. People are living with total degeneration, and some people know it.
(0) The Song (Verse & Chorus) :-

download   play    0.728Mb

PEOPLE (Edited/Short..)
(Heavy Pop/Rock) - Original title was: A song for peace ? still, we all have our own problems eh?. [Cubase 20 track]
This is an edited (shortened) version, as the original hits on 9 minutes, I, optimistically thought I should have a version out of a more commercially-acceptable length. (Chance'd be a fine thing, indeed.) One would expect the references again to be quite visible (in an 'audio' sort-of-way) Yes there seems to be no escape from the wonderful influences of that marvelous chap: John W. Lennon .
The poor old devil struggling with the vocal efforts is unfortunately once again, 'moi'. The Chorus, happily (if one may dare to use such a word here..) is sung by Amanda once more.
(1) PEOPLE - The Chorus:
download   play    0.935Mb

(2) PEOPLE - The Verse:
download   play    0.863Mb

Too Much Blues (for one Night)
(Heavy Blues) - Too many things can and will go wrong (it says here..). [Cubase 20 track]
Inspired by all blues players with a lot of respect.
The poor old devil struggling with the vocal efforts is unfortunately once again, 'moi'. How much blues can a life cope with ?
(1) Too Much Blues - Verse 2, & Chorus:
download   play    1.80 Mb

Repenting Blues
(Heavy Blues) - And some people keep going wrong (don't we?) . [Cubase 20 track]
Inspired by making terrible mistakes, poor judgement,self-indulgence and New Orleans.
The poor old devil struggling with the vocal efforts is I'm afraid to say; 'moi'. How many ways are there to say 'I'm sorry' ?
(1) Repenting Blues - Intro. & Verse 1:
download   play    1.48 Mb

Can't You See
(Progressive Thematic?)
A collaboration (My first real collaboration) I wrote and produced the melody and arrangement for the lyrics written by Charlotte Alexander A talented lady I gained 'virtual' contact with through Songwriter Resource Network
I have a slice of the Chorus here (performed by me BUT disguised - thankfully- by my Vocoder) and my guitar piece which I think shows the initial melody of the verse.

download   play    194Kb

Can't You See.
(The Guitar Solo)
download   play    150Kb

(it's an) Obscenity!
(Progressive Thematic?)
Please excuse my naivette, but I was shocked and appalled from LIVE8 (2005) to learn that (what I believed to be) :'Donations' to aid the poor, starving, dying people in Africa, were actually 'Loans'. (To make interest on this awful state of affairs?) This song, no matter how I have written it, is my feelings about the situation, and quite probably common to the majority of humanity. The whole point being made, that this is Not only a TRAGEDY, but also an (inexcusable) "OBSCENITY!."
Again please forgive the vocal ('moi') but I hope the song can be appreciated in spite of my vocal effort? "----- again two samples--- "
(The 1st Verse)
download   play    626Kb

(The Middle and Guitar Solo)
download   play    817Kb

Tossing It Over!
(Progressive Rock )
Somethings you just can't get over eh? Wake you in the night, make you feverish. well here's something on that theme and inspired by the Ultimate Axe God:James Marshall Hendrix Hey it's the Sixties again. I do hope you enjoy this.
Again please forgive the vocal ('moi') but I hope the song can be appreciated in spite of my vocal effort? "----- again two samples--- "
(The 1st Verse)
download   play    1.31 Mb

(The Middle and Guitar Solo)
download   play    860Kb

(she's not a) "Gold Digger!"
(A parody on Lennon/McCartney's 'Day-Tripper' - but how does one contact Mr Jackson for permission? )
Seriously, I was just thinking wouldn't be absolutely awful if an extremely popular musician was in divorce with his wife, and it seemed to the general public, and all his fans, that for some reason it looked as though she wanted to rip him off for everything he had earnt? Wouldn't it ? mmmm...?
At Last a vocalist is doing this version ("Amanda" thanks) so I should think this is far more enjoyable.
(she's not a ) Gold Digger.
(Intro. & 1st Verse)
download   play    0.9 Mb

"A great year for Jazz, and the Blues"
(Is this Jazz? - can you get arrested for this? )
And now for something completely different. Just testing out a copy Les Paul for a friend.
Great year for Jazz & the blues.
(Intro. & 1st Verse)
download   play    1.2 Mb

"(Must be) The Summertime Blues"
(Esp: Summer of 2007 )
Just imagine....all that rain? . . . . well that's the theme, the inspiration is yet again, hopefully, obviously.....JIMI ! "----- again two samples--- "
Summertime Blues.
(The Intro & 1st Verse)
download   play    1.89 Mb

Summertime Blues.
(The Middle and Guitar Solo)
download   play    1.03Mb

A Couple of 'Commissioned'(?) songs.

Get A Grip!
A Rock-Overture written for my friends who were the wrestling Tag-team : "The Rockers".

download   play    0.38 Mb

Would U Credit It?
(Commercial Rock)
for a certain Bank's C.C. Project  - Could be a great rock song eh? what?

download   play    0.67Mb

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